Want to revamp your footwear wardrobe without stretching your budget in this Independence Day?

It is easy to achieve than you think with the simple addition of shoe clips. The fashion accessory has been in trend since 1930. It is a do-it-yourself ornament or you can shop it. Why not buy shoe clips online to get varieties and huge discount offers to save more?

Arras Creations has varieties like Gem shoe clips and cosmic heart shoe clips to stylize your shoes on the upcoming Independence Day on 4th July 2017. When you have a good collection of shoe clips, revamping your shoes can become easy. Let’s see how to dress your shoes with shoe clips!

Team up with Pumps

Pumps are one of the most popular women’s shoes. The shoe style is available in different colors. If you have a pair of red pumps, metal shoe pins of silver or gold color can match well with the style. You can flaunt these clips on top or right or left body of the pump. With nude color pumps wear silver color shoe clips or a pair of animal print bow style clip. They look trendy and classy. Choose colors for shoes and clips wisely. You can consider contrast colors like black pumps and white clips, red pumps and silver or gold clips, blue pumps and white clips etc…

Enhancing a Common Flip-Flop

Sometimes you want to go out in a casual dress that features a frock or a t-shirt with a hot-pant. You want to team up the dress with a pair of flip-flop to make your outing casual but you don’t know that a common looking flip-flop is making your look so ordinary. In this situation, one of the best ways is enhancing the flip-flop with shoe clips. A beaded or flower design shoe clip can make an ordinary slipper to an attractive and stylish fashion symbol. It may possible that girls would like to copy your style.

Accessorizing Booties or high-heels Boots

You would like to discard high-heels boots from your wardrobe after wearing them for 2-3 winter seasons. The reason is that you have found nothing exciting to use them again and again. Also your friends may start noticing that you are wearing the same pair. The best way is to revive the look of your boots is to adding the fashion accessory. An ordinary pair of boots can look attractive if you add stone embellished or beaded shoe clips. Stick the fashion jewelry in the right or left side of your boots.

There are lots of ideas to revamp your shoe style especially on the event of Independence Day. Browse our latest collection at Shoe Clip and choose to buy shoe clips online. Hurry!! The sale in on. Stay connected with us to grab them easily.