My sister is so choosy in terms of fashion. She is fond of jewelry. I am planning to gift an imitation necklace on her upcoming birthday but so confused after seeing varieties. Can anyone help me out?

You have an awesome plan. Girls always love to be gifted by jewelry no matter how many accessories they have. There are several factors to consider when buying a necklace. You can’t finalize a necklace by focusing on only one aspect. You need to know the types of necklaces, face shape of the wearer, and shopping tips to buy the best one at an affordable price. In addition, it is good to know the taste of the person whom you want to gift the accessory.

Types of Necklaces

Necklaces come in an assortment of styles.

Rhinestone Crystal

If the girl loves sparkling jewelry, gifting a rhinestone crystal necklace set would be an excellent idea. Varieties are available in terms of design and color of crystal. A necklace set featuring big or small sized rhinestones look lovely when it is paired with a gown. A silver or gold color rhinestone set can be purchased because it goes well with any color dresses.

Indian Necklace Set

If the girl likes color and timeless designer jewelry, you can gift her an Indian necklace set. Both ear and neck jewelry pieces look so aligned. You can buy a Rajasthani style choker, featuring multiple strands of beads and a pendant which has some unique artwork. The pendant color reflects the bead color. It can add a fashion statement to any outfit. Heavy Lac jewelry pieces in green, pink, black, and blue can be considered. These are shiny and creative fashion accessories.

Backdrop Necklaces

They are unique, trendy and catchy. It accessorizes not only the front part of the neck but also the back body. A backdrop style set has mostly crystal work. The backdrop pendant size is long. The style is perfect to team up with a gown which is backless.

Simple Pendants

These are timeless pieces. Gifting a pendant is considered an ideal gift because most women like to wear it casually and during parties. When going to buy a pendant, carefully see the work of the pendant and the chain type. Cable, snake, mesh and rope styles chains are usually liked to team up with pendants.

Face Shape

Do you know that face shape plays an important role while buying a necklace?

Oval shape can wear any shape or style of necklace. Chokers emphasize her long neck. The face is soft and curved, with an equal distance of the hairline to the eyebrow. It is called as a perfect shape.

The round face is soft and curved, with an equal distance all around. This face type woman can wear longer and looping necklaces to get an illusion of the long face. Avoid collar, choker and princess lengths, since they shorten the neck.

The oblong (rectangular) face can wear large, bold styles and heavy necklaces. They can choose the jewelry piece which has colors, movement, and drama. The face actually needs the jewelry that adds camouflages and width. So, any style which can create an illusion of width can be worn.

The square face needs necklaces with curves and length. Princess, opera, matinee, and rope lengths are ideal for them, especially to those with a short neck.

Shopping Guide

For today’s generation, the smart and quick way of shopping is of course online. Imitation necklace sets and other fashionable sets can be easily accessed through online. Purchasing from local vendors may restrict you in terms of varieties. You will have to take out special time from your busy schedule. It is cool to order online. It saves times and money.

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